Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year....Same Me!

I love the start of a new year!  It is so exciting!  New beginnings, new goals, new plans, it's just so exciting!  I typically make several New Years Resolutions and this year is no different.  So...let's not let suspense build too much....:)

My 2016 Goals:

1. Be more accepting of myself.  Now this sounds silly, but the truth is I could stand to lose a few pounds, eat healthier, etc.   I'm not saying I am not going to work towards those goals still, but overall, I'm okay with me.  I don't want to critique myself ALL the time.  I want to be more comfortable just being the way I am.  The happier you are with yourself, the happier you are in life.

2. Spend more time with people.  With this goal, I mean I want to spend more time WITH people, not in the social media world, but physically with people.  My goal will be to do something with someone at least once a month!  So.......if you are free, let me know....we can get together!!!  :)

3. Spend more quality time with my family.  In society today, technology rules.....but I don't want my life to be dictated by what society says is important.  So, I hope to put my electronics down more in 2016 and enjoy more quality time with my family....and maybe even a few more date nights with my husband.  :)

4. 365 days of happiness.  This December my husband has encouraged a "30 days of happiness" journey for me.  Now, this has led to all sorts of fun treats and lots of pasta, but I have found that since we have joked about even the littlest of things being "happiness treats" that I, in turn, have been happier.  Being happy is up to me and I am usually a pretty happy person, but life can definitely get in the way of happiness.  I am not so naive to think that EVERY day will be rainbows and butterflies, but my hope is to focus more on the positives of each day and not let the negatives of life and the negativity of others drag me down.

I am excited about 2016!!  These years are just flying by and I hope to be more "present" this upcoming year than ever before.   Happy (almost) New Year!!!

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